Complete & continuous collection and aggregation of applications and operations data. Every application. Any Infrastructure. Down to the microsecond.

AppFirst’s patented collector installs in seconds across each server, VM and cloud instance without the need to use multiple agents or instrument code. Finally, visibility that scales across your entire portfolio of custom and packaged applications.

Real-Time Application Topologies

Traditionally, topology maps require significant time and effort to produce, yet are out of date by the time they hit the printer. With AppFirst, visualise real-time topology maps to gain insight into the dependencies and flow of data between applications.

Continuous Performance Data

Rather than taking static snapshots of data at one-second to several minute intervals, AppFirst continuously collects data allowing you to understand what resources are consumed at the time of execution.

Auto-Discover What’s Running

No more spending time figuring out what and how to collect data. Instead, focus on analysis and action. In minutes, AppFirst will auto-detect every application, process, thread, socket, file operation, registry access and configuration change. Continue to release and never worry about collection. No configuration required.