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Blog: The answers you’re looking for are right there in front of you: Etak, the story of the world’s first “sat-nav” 

Recently I read the fascinating story of “Etak”, the world’s first in-car navigation system. Etak was the brainchild of engineer Stan Honey who was hired by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell as a navigator for his boat “Charley” in the 1983 Transpacific Yacht Race, during that voyage the spark of the idea was formed and backed […]

Blog: How to remain profitable in a time of regulatory change

Guest blog by Fred Mann, Associate Consultant at Clarasys MiFID II is coming and is set to change the way that investment firms do business. The relationships between manufacturers, distributors and customers is set for a major overhaul and, whilst the regulations are still to be finalised, what’s clear is that the way in which […]