London, 30th September 2015 FutureProof, the leading enterprise data and analytics specialist, announces a major new release to CloudScore, its cutting-edge application assessment and Cloud planning service.

Many large enterprises are ready to begin the journey to Cloud but as a result of the significant difference in service models between Cloud and traditional dedicated or virtualised infrastructures they are yet to undertake to the wholesale migration of applications.

Furthermore whilst Cloud is for everyone it’s not right for everything therefore, organisations need to determine whether a target Cloud platform is technically suitable for the application and whether the benefit outweighs the required transformation effort.

With CloudScore FutureProof have turned decades of experience of application rationalisation, transformation and migration into an easy to use service that takes key application data straight from a CMDB and application catalogue and, using a proprietary algorithm, score each application for its Cloud candidacy based on Risk, Complexity and Business Benefit. From this CloudScore produces a simple to understand High, Medium or Low ranking for each application.

Major new enhancements include:

  • Self-service portal
  • Enhanced native reporting
  • Expansion to 60 datapoints for assessment per application
  • Faster algorithmic processing
  • Interactive visualisations pre-built in Tableau
  • Incorporation of additional salient data including service performance, geographic locations, application lifespan and support contracts
  • Customisation to individual client requirements

Andrew Queen-Smith, FutureProof Co-Founder and Chief Architect, said “This latest release of CloudScore provides important new features which enable larger enterprises to plan their migration to Cloud. Transforming an enterprise application portfolio is always challenging but the difference in service models of Cloud platforms creates the need for accurate assessment and planning. CloudScore provides this assessment and through powerful, interactive analytics reporting and visualisations provides the fastest way to plan a Cloud migration.”

A trial of the service, enabling organisations to determine how CloudScore would work for them, is available from FutureProof.  More information can be found at

About FutureProof

FutureProof are a data-led business and consulting company who work with large organisations to leverage the power of their existing data, bringing together complex information from multiple sources

into easily interpreted visualisations and powerful insights that enable decision support, change planning, delivery and ongoing success measurement.

FutureProof provide customers with accelerated routes to business transformation using their Domain Solution Packs, which offer pre-defined data models and analytic information repositories that connect to existing enterprise data, delivering information rapidly via industry standard Business Intelligence tools.

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