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Comparing Public Cloud Discounts

With lots of organisations thinking about cloud choice or going multi-cloud, this article provides a side-by-side comparison of pricing discounts…
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Savings Plans Made Easy

Like most AWS users you’re probably fed up hearing that you’re overspending by 20/30/40% and that you’re not taking advantage of the discounts on…
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The systemic risk of public cloud

When UK mobile operator 02’s data network went down for a whole day in December, it brought home to many people just how interconnected the many…
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FutureProof Named a CloudHealth “Partner of the Year”

FutureProof Takes Home Top Honors for EMEA Emerging Partner of the Year
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Cryptojacking = free money for criminals, why your cloud admin account is at risk.

Mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple is one way to make money – quite literally. But to get rich you need a vast amount of…
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How I reskilled onto Cloud: Solution Architects

One of the great challenges experienced by larger enterprises is getting the right people to work on their cloud adoption programmes and run or…
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Why cloud backup is a no brainer

If you’re not already backing up onto the cloud, why not? It’s easy, incredibly cost effective and offers a range of other potential benefits.
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PoCs, Pilots, then…zilch: why cloud adoption is stalling in large corporates

When we founded FutureProof our aim was to help large organisations adopt cloud computing because we saw that the business case for cloud then, and…
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How Cloud fundamentally changes disaster recovery

One of the greatest emerging benefits of the cloud is the possibilities it offers in disaster recovery (DR). Some are even calling it cloud’s killer…