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AWS outage: “almost the whole internet is in trouble”

“When AWS flatlines like that, almost the whole internet is in trouble.”
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FutureProof awarded a place on Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework

FutureProof, a leading enterprise applications specialist, has been awarded a place as a Digital Outcomes and Specialists supplier
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Blog: The one statistic you need to know about AWS in 2017

New Year certainly appears to bring out the fortune tellers in people, last week it seemed like every other
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Blog: AWS won’t tell you where their new datacenter is. Get over it.

In an interview last week on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme AWS Managing Director Gavin Jackson
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Blog: Mossack Fonseca, a watershed moment for law firms and client data?

The unfolding Mossack Fonseca revelations will certainly keep us entertained for some time to come: will a British Prime Minister have to admit being…

Blog: The answers you’re looking for are right there in front of you: Etak, the story of the world’s first “sat-nav” 

Recently I read the fascinating story of “Etak”, the world’s first in-car navigation system. Etak was the brainchild of engineer Stan Honey who was…
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New partnership with Clarasys announced

London, 14th October 2015. Clarasys, a leading management consulting firm, in partnership with FutureProof, the enterprise data and analytics…