Our client, a global software company, had grown significantly by acquisition.

Each acquired company had its own technical team operating a set of AWS accounts. Spend across the group totalled $3m annually.

The client wanted to optimise its costs, utilise the maximum discounts available via Reservations and Savings Plans and ensure they were in control of their spend moving forward.


FutureProof’s consultants conducted a review of spend and devised an action plan to:

  • Increase tagging coverage from 45% to 95% to improve visibility and accountability of assets
  • Remove unused resources such as Unattached EBS Volumes that were costing $18,000 pa.
  • Clean up orphaned Snapshots saving $63,000 pa.
  • Right–size EC2 instances to generate a $55,000 annual cost saving.
  • Move expiring Reservations to both Instance and Compute Savings Plans providing 83% coverage. Saving $384,000 annually.

A FinOps service was provided to deliver monthly reporting, implement policy-based guardrails that provide automatic alerts and ensure that the maximum level of savings were being realised.

This service combined access to the CloudHealth platform with hands-on reviews by FutureProof’s consultants including the preparation of a monthly summary report and action plan.


Global locations


Project Date


Annual cloud spend


Savings realised



By following the action plan with support from FutureProof’s consultants the client realised $520,000 of annual savings on their AWS bill.

The monthly FinOps service provided early detection of rogue activity that would run up $17,000 per day in AWS resource costs. The client was able to immediately act on this alert from FutureProof and stop the issue in its tracks.